Capri Care 3 Goat Growth Milk 800g +12m

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Capricare 3 Growth Milk is made from natural proteins from whole goat milk, which have the ability to form a soft, porous layer on the baby's stomach.

Capricare is the first formula milk made from whole goat milk.

Capricare 3 has a more natural formula, with less vegetable fats and oils, which helps reduce and relieve baby colic.

Furthermore, goat milk allows better digestion. It is more similar to breast milk which leads to a smooth and fast digestion.

In addition, its new improved formula is enriched with calcium, vitamin D, and iron and contains DHA and ARA that help the baby's visual and cognitive development.

How to use

Prepare the bottle just before feeding your baby

1. Sterilization Always wash your hands and working utensils before preparing the bottle. Add the exact measurement of mineral water at room temperature (appropriate for your baby or recommended by your doctor) or boiled water at a maximum of 40ºC to a sterilized bottle.

2. Measurements Use the included Capricare spoon. Add the corresponding tablespoons, taking advantage of the edge of the can to remove the excess.

3. Preparation Close the bottle. Stir immediately and shake until the powders have completely dissolved.

4. Check Confirm the adequate temperature (≤ 40 ° C) of the preparation with the inside of your wrist. For security reasons, do not store food that is left over. Throw it away immediately.

This information serves only as a guide. Your baby may need more or less than what is shown. Follow the advice of your doctor or pharmacist to adapt the shots to your baby's needs. Always use 1 tablespoon of powder (4.3 g) in 30 ml of water.

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