GH Nature Spray Eco Natural Protection 500ml

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Eco-friendly: respectful with the environment.


Does not contain chemical-toxic.

Fragrance free.

Without colorants.

Not stain.



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Nature Spray Protect GH formulas are:

- The technical combination of food grade natural mineral salts (sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium) (authorized by CE 1925/2006 and CE 1170/2009 regulations).


Nature Spray Protect GH is designed for:

- Food.

- Surfaces such as glass, marble, ceramics, mirrors, walls, furniture, toilets and bathrooms, carpets, floors, plastics, soles, metal, rubber, kitchens, toys, and fish tanks.

- Textiles, such as clothing, fabrics, reusable textile sanitary masks...

- Pet.

Nature Spray Protect GH is effective against viruses, fungi and bacteria.

- Viruses: canine coronavirus and SARS-CoV-2, adenoviral pneumonia, avian influenza virus, infectious bronchitis virus, porcine reproductive and respiratory tract.

- Bacteria: Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Salmonella typhimurium, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Fungi: Aspergillus fumigatus, Trichophyton.

How to use

- Food: Apply to the entire surface of the food, let it sit for two minutes, then rinse.

- Surface of furniture and toys: apply directly. Use a cloth to distribute the product evenly over the entire surface and let it dry.

- Textiles: Spray a spray directly on each area at a distance of about 25 cm and let it dry. Do not soak.

- Pets: Clean with a membrane cloth soaked in disinfectant. Avoid fragile areas such as eyes, mucous membranes and wounds. When cleaning the mat, check that there are no blows or scars. If you want to spray the product directly without using cloth, please dilute it with 50% water.

 Precautions for use

Avoid direct contact with eyes, mucous membranes, wounds and sensitive areas. In case of contact, rinse with plenty of water.

- Do not eat. When swallowed, rinse with water several times.

- Keep out of sight of children.

- Contains mineral salt, after a long fixed time, the mineral salt will form a small amount of brine precipitation at the bottom of the container. In this case, shake well before use.

- On delicate surfaces and textiles, spray in invisible areas to check their compatibility (aluminum, satin leather, etc.).

- Store in a cool place away from direct light or heat.

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