NEXCARE Athletic Wrap 5cm x 2.5cm

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Nexcare bands have waterproofing technology so they repel water and prevent it from entering the wound.



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It does not allow dirt and germs to enter although it allows breathing of the covered area. This is because of its microscopic air hole membrane. The Athletic version is special for athletes who constantly injure their elbows, knees or ankles. Giving these areas a firm bandage support protects them from bad inflections that could subvert their position.


The Nexcare Athletic Wrap bandage is mainly made of natural rubber (latex). It may also contain: linen, gauze or cotton fibers.

How to use

For its application you must unroll the tape carefully but with a firm and constant pulse to avoid wrinkling it. Locate the starting end of the roll by searching with your fingernail. When you make the bandage, keep the part of the roll over the injury and the unwound part towards the injury. The number of turns depends on the firmness you want to achieve. If we only want to hold one dressing, no more than two or three will be necessary. Wide bandages are always done diagonally to cover the limb efficiently. Finish with a straight turn to fix the end of the bandage. Check the circulation by feeling the skin and checking its normal paleness. If the color does not return immediately, the bandage may be too tight and may need to be loosened. In the same way, try to move the joint a little since it does not seek to immobilize it completely but rather to hold it. It is advisable to fold the end to create an easy starting point the next time it is to be used.

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