Guasha Nature horn scrapping plate acupucnture massage facial back body scraper M

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Facial lifting, beauty massage, whole body scraping, thickness upgrade-no skin damage



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Facial lifting, beauty massage, whole body scraping, thickness upgrade-no skin damage


1. Select horns carefully. Choose from thousands of whole horns with fresh colors, good shapes and less impurities

2. Inherit the old craftsmanship. Old craftsmen who have been in business for many years, skilled and meticulous quality infiltrate each process

3. Good workmanship. Continuing many years of footwork, slow work and careful work are reflected in quality

4. Strictly select good products. Quality control is inhumane, and strict system guarantees the superior quality of finished products

Do you feel tired? Life is not easy, let's relax for a while!

A wonderful combination of horns and skin care, applying NO NO NO layer by layer, absorption is king! ! Because of the natural ingredients of horns, amino acids and peptides are very important in the application of beauty and skin care. Massage with horns can promote blood circulation to the greatest extent, and the skin is quickly moisturized and plumped.

Facial care: cleansing-toner-lotion-horns 5 minutes-cream

The arms, back and legs are shown in the picture


Scraping on the face can be done for 2 to 5 minutes each time. For other parts, the treatment of Gu Sha should not exceed 30-40 minutes per treatment (referring to the slow method of flattening and reducing scraping). The initial treatment of Gua Sha should be shortened appropriately. The overall scraping time for people with weak or frail physique should be less than 20 minutes. Two treatments for the same part of Gua Sha should be separated by 5-7 days. The time for Sha to disappear is directly related to the physique, condition of the person, the location of the Sha, the color and depth of the Sha, and the number of times of Gu Sha.

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